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Seattle, WA

(206) 249-9909

AAF Seattle is the Western Washington chapter of the American Advertising Federation, serving Seattle's creative community through events, education and advocacy.



AAF Seattle offers something for every kind of creative. More than just a club, we’re a bona fide professional association. That kind of thing isn’t just resume material, it builds careers.

Partygoers at our  Kick Off the Year  event

Partygoers at our Kick Off the Year event


You don’t just punch a clock. You want a career in this business. Maybe you even want to be somebody. Or maybe you want to help others be the somebody they wish they could be.

Even if you’re just considering any of these things or just want easy access to our events, AAF Seattle membership provides opportunities as well as membership in our parent organization, the American Advertising Federation. That’s kind of a big deal.

And did we mention the discounts?

What’s In It for You?

Glad you asked. First and foremost, a lot of fun.
And if it’s not fun, who needs it? Besides that, you get all this...

Perks (The Good Stuff)

Plain and simple, here's the whole enchilada — check out this nifty benefits matrix and see all that will instantly be yours when you join the club.

Makes you feel kind of special doesn’t it?

Still Not Convinced?

If you need more information, or have a question for us, drop us a line — we promise to answer your questions while we practice our powers of persuasion.


Individual Membership Options
$129.00 per year per person
Company Name:
Promo Code:
Young Professionals:
For those 32 years old or younger
$99.00 per year per person
Company Name:
Promo Code:
Must be a currently-enrolled student
$35.00 per year per person

Corporate Membership Options:
Tier 1:
Companies with 10 or fewer employees get 4 members
$445.00 per year
Company Name:
Tier 2:
Companies with 11-50 employees get 7 members
$755.00 per year
Company Name:
Tier 3:
Companies with 51-100 employees get 15 members
$1,465.00 per year
Company Name:
Tier 4:
Companies with 101 or more employees get 20 members
$1,975.00 per year
Company Name: